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Bob at BrooksI am passionate about photography and creating images which evoke emotion! With decades of experience creative professions, my photography is a combination of technical proficiency, intuition and a unique artistic sensibility. I am a graduate of the Brooks Institute Wedding Photography program where I honed my skills under the mentorship of several of the finest photographers in the world.

I continually strive to enhance my knowledge of photography through various professional organizations. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers of California, and the Channel Islands Professional Photographers of America.I look forward to meeting you and creating images for you that will evoke emotion and capture those special moments in your life that span the future generations of your family.


Bob & Darlene then & nowAbout Me:

I am a father of two incredible sons, a husband to an awesome woman, a photographer, a musician and a CPA. I am eclectic, fun, out-going and caring. Born in Trenton, New Jersey and raised from age 4 in Florida, I have been blessed with an aptitude for most things creative and I excelled at both music and math. A California resident since 1980, my wife, Darlene and I moved to Camarillo when our first son was just 2 months old. I’ve lived in quite a few places, and there is no place better than Camarillo, California.



Bob with Eddie Money

 Bob as a Musician:

As a child, I started playing guitar at the age of 7 and drums by age 11. Music was going to be my life and I pursued it with a passion. I left home at the age of 20, and like the Bruce Springsteen song said, “I went out for a ride and I never went back”. I spent 2+ years on the road traveling the Southeastern club circuit. We did 5 sets a night, 6 nights a week from Tuesday thru Sunday. Monday morning we would pack up and drive to the next gig. After that time, my bandmates and I decided we were never going to get “rich and famous” playing top-40 (now known as Class Rock), so we packed up and moved to California. In the early 80s I was in the bands RATT and Rough Cutt and opened for Motley Crue all up and down the Sunset Strip, and wrote and recorded with Cherie Curry of the Runaways for about a year.  In 2013-2014, Bob did 33 shows in 13 months with the rock and roll legend, Eddie Money.



Bob as a CPA:

Music was so much fun, but by age 25 I realized there was apparently no direct relationship between talent/hard work and how much money one might make, so it was time for a career change. I went back to school to become a CPA. I know, I know…musician to a CPA??

I graduated from college Sum Cum Laude with a 3.96 GPA, and passed the CPA exam on the first attempt, all the while still playing music on the side. I had no idea that you could be a CPA and still be in entertainment, but I found my way into entertainment business management and my biggest client is now the Classic Rock Star Eddie Money. Being Eddie’s Business Manager for the past 11 years has provided numerous “photo ops” in concert photography. Photography in a concert setting presents one of the most challenging lighting situations a photographer can encounter. You have low light, constantly changing light AND constantly moving subjects, but this challenging situation can also be so rewarding when you get “the shot”.


Brooks Diploma


I am a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography wedding course.  I learned from some of the “best of the best” at Brooks.  My instructors included Pulitzer prize winners, published authors, award-winner wedding photographers, Hollywood, image & video artists, and a renowned Canon Explorers of Light.  Many years after entering the accounting profession, I decided I wanted to try my hand at an online business, so I started Bimmer Performance Store and that began my passion with photography and made me take it to the next level. I started doing my own product photography to set my site apart from the competition, who would simply use the stock photos provided by parts manufacturers. I constantly received compliments on the looks of the site, I attributed that to the quality of photos. When my BMW M3 was selected for an article in Bimmer Magazine, I got the opportunity to participate in the photoshoot. That car was also featured in BMW Car magazine, which featured many of my photos. It was during that time when I realized, in addition to music and accounting, I had some real talent for photography, as well.


just-married-boyPhotography as a Business:

All this life experience makes me unique. Photography is both an art AND a business. Any time you are asking someone to part with their hard-earned money to provide a product or a service, the expectations on professionalism and quality are heightened. I feel so fortunate that the aptitudes passed on to me by my parents have given me the unique characteristics of being both creative AND analytical. Taking great photos is just one part of the equation that a client will need. They also need a photographer that can handle the “business” part of the photography business and follow through on the entire engagement.

I once had a client say to me, “Wow…you’re both left AND right brained”. It is this right AND left side brain thing I seem to possess that makes me an excellent choice as your photographer, and allows me to “capture life in a different light”.

“Bobby D”
Bob DeLellis

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