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Best Lighting Purchase Ever!!

By ROBERT from Camarillo on 10/22/2015
5out of 5

These units are GREAT!!. First of all, it is widely known that these lights are private labeled and are exactly the same as units under different brand names. I decided to buy from Adorama for two main reasons:

#1 Confidence: I preferred to buy from a US company, so I could take rely on their customer service and tech support, if necessary and
#2 Price: the Adorama bundle with the transmitter/receiver and optional Umbrella Reflector Kit actually makes it less expensive.

Here are my key Pros/Cons why I gave it 5 stars:
-Powerful (360ws is powerfull enough for most situations)
-Portable (At this size and price, I have no fear of using them on location)
-Cost effective (I have Buff Eintsteins, but never invested in additional light modifiers, due to cost and hassle of buying direct from Buff)
-Solid build quality
-Great features for a manual flash. (No TTL, yet, but new units coming soon for Canon/Nikon, and hopefully Sony, next year)
-Transmitter allows to you adjust flash output remotely
-Lots of light modifiers and compatibility with Bowens mount
-Can use both the sync port and Flashpoint receiver, at the same time, which allows you to fire the units and take a meter reading with a Sekonic lightmeter (HUGE!!)

CONS: (They aren’t perfect, but I couldn’t take off any stars for the negatives)
-Color temperature is a bit too cool. They claim 5600k +/- 200*, but I’m getting closer to 6000K, when I do a custom white balance. This is seems to be exacerbated by about 100* when using diffusion discs in the stock reflector. If I could give it 4.5 stars, this would be the only reason
-You can’t trigger the Flashpoint triggers directly with a Sekonic light meter, which is not unusual. My perfect workaround is I plugged in Pocketwizard Plus III’s into the sync port, so my L478DR triggers the units for a meter reading using the Plus IIIs and the Flashpoint transmitter adjusts flash output and triggers the lights from on top of my Sony A7r II and A7 II
-HSS requires using a different trigger and is not yet compatible with Sony (I didn’t have HSS with my Einsteins either, because the Mini and Flexes were the most unreliable triggers I ever owned and sold them years ago)

Flashpoint trigger and Plus III plugged in

Flashpoint Streaklight 360_001

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  • Nikki Nisly - June 30, 2016 - 7:47 am

    Hi Bob!

    Does this review still hold true since you’ve been able to use them for awhile?

    If so, can you explain your setup to use with a Sekonic? I just recently purchased one so I’m interested to hear.

    Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Bob DeLellis - July 20, 2016 - 11:43 am

      HI Nikki. Absolutely. I use PocketWizard Plus III’s plugged in simultaneously with the Flashpoint (aka Godox) triggers. The Sekonic L478DR triggers the PocketWizards to measure flash output and the Flashpoint transmitter on the camera trigger the flash, when taking the photo. You can also trigger the Streaklights with the PW on camera, but you can only remotely adjust flash output with the Flashpoint triggers. it’s the best of both worlds, and the best solution, since the Flashpoint (Godox) triggers are not directly compatible with the Sekonic lightmeter.ReplyCancel

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